Troyes to Dijon: Champagne, Mustard and La Route Des Grand Crus

A view on the city of Dijon

A road trip in France: From Troyes to Dijon and La Route Des Grands Crus

This trip will take you through a small part of France’s Champagne region, the city of Dijon and along the ” La Route Des Grands Crus”. It’s a simple, 4 hour trip by car. We did it in 2.5 days and it cost us less than € 100 including guesthouses, food and gas. You can easily add a day or two to visit Troyes or some wine cellars along the way.

Troyes to Dijon along the Champagne vineyards

This part of the trip you’ll drive the D671 and D971 departmental ways. It basically follows the Seine river and will take you to a lookout, many Champagne vineyards and some very cosy villages.

Yellow Canola fields along the way

Troyes to Courteron

Our route starts in Troyes. Visit the city if you like, it’s beautiful. We however didn’t. From Troyes, drive to Bar-sur-Seine and continue South on D671. When you get past Celles-sur-Ourse, take a left on D971. It’s a byway which will take you along the Champagne vineyards.  A bit  down the road, keep an eye out for a sign to a lookout on your left. Follow the sign all the way up the hill and you’ll end up at a point overlooking the vineyards and villages below. It’s also a nice place for a picnic and easily accessible by car. Take the same way down and continue South on D971. It’ll take you past a pressuring centre of “Moët et Chandon” whose sign makes for some nice pics to take home. At Courteron the D971 rejoins D671, continue South towards Châtillon-sur-Seine.

Neuville-sur-Seine lookout

Moët et Chandon plant

Courteron to Châtillon-sur-Seine

So, enough for the in-detail descriptions. From here on almost every village  is worth stopping for. One of our favourites along the way was Mussy-sur-Seine. The Seine river calmly flows over some small waterfalls in this picturesque village. Don’t forget to stop a bit down the road for some more photo’s to bring home. Enjoy the views as you continue to Châtillon-sur-Seine.


Châtillon-sur-Seine to Dijon

From Châtillon, continue on D971. Again, many villages along the way are worth stopping, one being even more picturesque than the other. Aisey-sur-Seine makes for some nice photo’s, at Brémur-et-Vaurois you’ll drive by a beautiful castle on your left and Saint-Seine-l’Abbaye is beautiful even to just dive by. Spend the night in or near Dijon, you should be able to find some really cheap places on AirBnB of which our favourite is Laetitia’s room.



Today let’s visit Dijon. It’s one of France’s best preserved historic city’s and dates back to the 3th century. It’s golden age was under the Dukes of Burgundy in the 14th – 15th century. There’s enough space to lose your car. A visit to the city’s highlights like “Le Palais Des Ducs” or the “Rue Verrerie”  is easy: just follow the owl’s trail, of which a booklet is available at the tourist information. Spend some time on one of the cities many squares, taste some local food or buy some mustard to take home. We only spent half a day in Dijon but you can easily spend 2.



La Route Des Grands Crus

After visiting Dijon, do “La Route Des Grands Crus”. This route dates back to the middle ages, when monks created it by planting the vineyards from the North to the South. It’s 80Km in length starting in Dijon to end in Santenay via Beaune. A centrepiece in this region is the castle of “Clos de Vougeot“, built in the 12th and 16th century.  The route will take you along Burgundy’s Grand Crus wine region and is really easy to drive: from Dijon, drive South and follow D122. Now just follow the signs all the way to Beaune or even to Santenay as you prefer. Drive back to Dijon via A31 or further South to continue your journey.

Clos Vougeot

La Route Des Grands Crus
La Route Des Grands Crus

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  1. Nice road trip with such a small budget! I’m glad you enjoyed my beautiful Dijon. On the first picture of Dijon (rue Rameau with the Dukes Palace on the left side and St Michel church at the back) I can almost see the entrance of the building where I rent out a nice apartment (My Home in Dijon) for travellers.
    All my guests told me that 2 days were too short and that they scratched the surface only. You’ll have to come back! 🙂

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