Bucket list: 126 must-visits all over the world

Australia's Uluru or Ayer's Rock

Our bucket list: Been there, didn’t do that yet.

We’re travellers and we’ll always be travellers. Although we hope to see everything and every country in the world, chances are we won’t be able to. Therefore it seems better to make a bucket list of things we really want to do. Beware, it’s a long, very long list. Things we can tick off are in bold.

This map includes all bucket list items. Green bubbles are natural features while yellow ones are man made. Black bubbles are places we’ve already visited.


Abu Simbel Temples (Egypt)
Gizeh Pyramids (Egypt)
Great Mosque of Djenne (Mali)
Karnak Temples (Egypt)
Kilimanjaro Mountain (Tanzania)
Malawi Lake (Malawi)
Namib Desert (Namibia)

The Namib desert (Namibia)

Nile River Cruise (Egypt)
Rock Restaurant (Tanzania)
Table Mountain (South Africa)
Victoria Falls (Zambia)


Angkor Wat (Cambodia)

Angkor Wat (Cambodia)

Aogashima Island (Japan)
Baatara Gorge Waterfall (Lebanon)
Benares (India)
Cappadocia (Turkey)
Chittorgarh (India)
Ellora Caves (India)
Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum (China)
Forbidden City (China)
Fuji Mountain (Japan)
Guilin Karst Peeks (China)
Ha Long Bay (Vietnam)
Hatra (Iraq)
Huanglong lakes (China)

Huanglong (China)

Isfahan (Iran)
Jeruzalem (Israël)
Jiuzhaigou (China)
Leshan Giant Buddha (China)
Pagan (Myanmar)
Pamukkale (Turkey)
Petra (Jordania)
Socotra Island (Yemen)
Taj Mahal (India)
Udaipur (India)
Wulingyuan (China)
Zhangye Danxia (China)


Alhambra (Spain)
Atlantic Road (Norway)
Berlin (Germany)
Brugge (Belgium)
Cinque Terre (Italy)

Cinque Terre (Italy)


Geirangerfjord (Norway)
Geysir (Iceland)
Giant’s Causeway (UK)
Interlaken Lake (Switzerland)
Landmannalaugar (Iceland)
Les Calanches (Corsica)
Meteora (Greece)
Mezquita (Spain)
Moskow (Russia)
Mostar (Bosnia)
Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany)
Plitvice NP (Croatia)
Prague (Czech Republic)

Prague (Czech Republic)


Praia De Benagil (Portugal)
Preikestolen (Norway)
Rome (Italy)
Ronda (Spain)
Saint-Michel Mountain (France)
Saint-Petersburg (Russia)
Skaftafell Ice Cave (Iceland)
Skye (UK)
Stonehenge (UK)
The Dark Hedges (UK)
Þórsmörk (Iceland)
Transfăgărășan Road (Romania)
Triglav NP (Slovenia)
Trolltunga (Norway)
Vardzia Monastery (Georgia)
Venetia (Italy)
Versailles Castle (France)
Westfjords (Iceland)

North & Central America

Antelope Canyon (USA)
Arches NP (USA)
Banff NP (Canada)
Big Sur (USA)

Big Sur (USA)

Bryce Canyon NP (USA)
Canyonlands NP (USA)
Capilano Suspension Bridge (Canada)
Death Valley NP (USA)
Everglades NP (USA)
Glacier Bay NP (USA)
Grand Canyon NP (USA)
Great Blue Hole (Belize)
Kauai Island (USA)
Key West (USA)
Mesa Verde NP (USA)
New York City (USA)
Niagara Falls (Canada)
Sequoia National Forest (USA)
Spotted Lake (Canada)
Yellowstone NP (USA)
Yosemite NP (USA)
Zion NP (USA)


Bora Bora (French Polynesia)
Bali (Indonesia)
Daintree NP (Australia)
Fraser Island (Australia)
Great Barrier Reef (Australia)
Great Ocean Road (Australia)
Kayangan Lake (Philippines)
Palau Island

Palau Island

Shark Bay (Australia)


Tasmania Island (Australia)
Tongariro NP (New Zealand)
Uluru (Australia)

South America

Altiplano (Bolivia)
Bariloche (Argentina)
Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)
Geisers del Tatio (Chile)
General Carrera Lake (Chile)
Huacachina (Peru)
Iguazu Falls (Argentina)
Machu Picchu (Peru)

Machu Picchu (Peru)


Marais De Kaw (French-Guyana)
Rapa Nui NP (Chile)
Roraima Mountain (Brazil)
Salinas Grandes (Argentina)

Salinas Grandes (Argentina)

San Rafael Glacier (Chile)
Santuario De Las Lajas (Colombia)
Titicaca Lake (Peru)
Torres Del Paine NP (Argentina)
Uyuni Salt Flat (Bolivia)
Valle De La Luna (Chile)

Although it’s already quite a long list, it’s all but conclusive. We could easily add 100 more things but we will be very happy if we can do all this before we die.

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